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"Let me remain committed today to do all the good I can, to all the people I can, as often as I can, knowing that tomorrow is not promised.~ Iantha Taylor

LISTEN-An Excerpt from HAVEN'S Single Parent Conference

"Keeping It Balanced"

Single Parent Outreach

HAVEN will meet the diverse needs of single parents and will progressively evolve into a nationwide outreach endeavor. We will utilize experienced and demonstrated leaders and testaments, timely resources and information, as well as tap on the expertise of our business partners to meet the greater need of single parents and their families.

HAVEN will counsel, equip, direct, and restore single parents who are in need of strong and effective peer support, financial counseling, personal and professional development, spiritual guidance, and emotional healing. We will continuously encourage single parents of all nationalities, background, and circumstances, utilizing Godly principles, biblical teachings, personal testimonies, and timely resources. Our ultimate focus is partnering with the single parent in an effort to produce positive change and bring order to the individual parent, which in time will result in well grounded children, stronger family units, and their house becoming a home.

Iantha Taylor motivates single parents individually and collectively by speaking life into dead situations, and by offering insightful direction to women whose sight has been blinded by the hurt, disappointment, and pain of broken relationships. Through her own personal pains, tests, and experiences as a single parent, Ms. Taylor presents a balanced approach to handle the challenges of everyday living. As a HAVEN herself, she gives you confidence and an ability to speak to the storm and quiet the turmoil in your life. She teaches and inspires her audiences to be composed even in the midst of chaotic and unexpected change.

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