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Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from the hand of the enemy.

Psalm 107:2



Celebrate with us the testimonies from some of our friends and ministry supporters who made a decision to agree with us in prayer concerning God’s will and destiny for their lives. We share these testimonies fully convinced that we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony.



I am excited about what God is doing through you! I love how you humble yourself for the work of our Lord. He will manifest

Allison - Charlotte, NC



Iantha, my sister, daughter of the most high God, redeemed of the Lord, Because you have said "here am I, Lord use me! God's anointing is upon you to set the captive free, to bring sight to the blind, to comfort those who mourn, to bring healing to the sick, and light to those in darkness,to declare the year of the Lord's Favor! Fear not for a hedge of protection has been lifted high around you and your family! God shall provide! God shall protect! God reigns! Yes, you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this! We rejoice in knowing that God's will will be done on earth through you as it is in heaven and we and the Angels rejoice!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!! So be it it is So!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christie - Marietta, GA



Thank you for being a yielded an willing vessel allowing God to use you to be a blessing in the lives of his people.

Dana - Orlando, FL



I thank him for answering my prayer to him to place positive people (you) in my life to help keep me encouraged or for whatever the reason may be...God bless you!

Angela - Norcross, GA



Thank you so much. I really needed that prayer. I feel encouraged. I appreciate you taking out the time to pray with me.

Sharee - Atlanta, GA



Good morning sis! A scripture came to me after the pray this morning for you. It's Roman 8:30... God has called you to pray and lead his people and he is not asking you to look or sound like anyone else!! We are to be a peculiar people! Remember he used spit and mud to help the blind man see! I know that u have a heart for God so however he leads you to speak to the people flow in it and who it is for will receive it!!! I know that God has called you and set you apart for this time and season... Love u sis!!!

Cherese - Dallas, TX



Keep walking in obedience to God as you did this morning. The prayer line was a blessing and encouragement to all who participated. You have opened the door for God to touch many lives and for this you shall be rewarded. Stay encouraged and we will continue to pray for you like you asked.

Shakima - Columbus, GA



GM. Powerful prayers this morning. Thank you for allowing God to use you, I love you.

Ja'Sean - Columbus, GA



Hey Iantha. You are such a sweetie pie and an inspiring prayer warrior. I expected nothing less of you as amazingly and awesome things ALWAYS occur when God is in control and in the mist. I am so thankful for you and how you are evolving as a mighty woman of God. Luv u :'-)

Monica - Smyrna, GA



Hi, Sis! God Bless YOU for facilitating the manifestation of God's Dream!! A HAVEN indeed it shall be!!!

Tonya - Roanoke, VA



Sis, THANK YOU for your obedience to call and allow the flow of the Prayer, Praise and Glory of God to be made manifest by the Power of the Holy One Resting in and upon you! His Message and Call has been Sealed by the Blood and Power of His UNFAILING and UNSTOPPABLE LOVE! The Target and Captive Audience has been reached!! Yes and Amen! I hear The Holy Spirit, saying "You shall be the MEEKNESS of THE LAMB on the front end and the BOLDNESS of THE LION on the back end!! "

Angela - Powder Springs, GA



Wow!!  Awesome prayer this morning. Last night I just finished reading book of Exodus.  I almost fell out my bed & ran around my house when you spoke of Moses. Love you!!  Thank you for your prayer.  I stand in agreement with you in seeking the glory of God everyday of my life. Have a blessed day.

Karen - Atlanta, Georgia



Iantha, because of your obedience to the Spirit of Christ and your willingness to intercede on behalf of others, I believe God is raising a standard against the battles we face in our lives, our communities, our country and the world. Continue to be obedient and pressing into the Most High.

Rodney - Buford, South Carolina



Amen! Amen! Amen! Thank you for being obedient to God. My heart has been yearning for the need of corporate prayer. Coming together on one accord to go before The Lord and bring our praise petitions and worship before The Lord. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves pray seek my face and turn from their wick ways then shall they hear from me and heal the land. Thank you my sister for being the vessel! I love you and thank God and pray for you. God to your seeds life and wherever your feet shall touch demons will tremble and people will be changed.

Lashawn - Norfolk, VA



Hello Ms. Taylor.  Just a quick text to thank you for your availability obedience and willingness to intercede. I ask the LORD to keep and continue to use you as a MIGHTY VESSEL AN ORATOR FOR HIM. I BLESS HIM FOR THIS DIVINE CONNECTION, GLORY TO GOD. I have provided your number to my friend as well as my sisters and my daughter. May OUR LORD give you sweet rest IN JESUS NAME.

Rivers, Atlanta, GA



Good morning precious!! I must say THANK YOU for such a powerful time of prayer this morning. My word and our GOD...May The Lord continue to use you to break strongholds and chains off of the minds and bodies of the people of GOD for the Kingdom of GOD. Kingdom advancement is here!!! Hallelujah!!

Leslyn - Kennesaw, GA



I want to take a few minutes to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for speaking into my life and spirit several months ago. You can't imagine how much I needed to hear what you were saying. That word has been life changing for me and shift me into a different focus with my walk in Christ. I want to thank you for being "obedient" to God. I had some questions that only God knew about and they were answered that day. You are a blessing in so many ways and I would love to keep in contact with you. The spirit of God that is within you is so strong and pure.
I can't express to you enough for being obedient to the Spirit of God. There are times when people speak a word and its very general but what God allowed you to speak to me that day was very specific and targeted some areas that were uncertain. Sorry to keep repeating myself but "thank you" and I encourage you to continue to be "obedient" to the voice of God. The impact in a person's life of you doing that is extraordinary.

D.L. - Acworth, GA



Good Morning Iantha. Wow! I Praise God for you and the powerful anointing on your life. I am so moved by the prayer call. You are a woman who is truly after God's heart and in fact has the heart of our Father in Heaven. You are spiritually amazing and I am so blessed that God has connected us at such a time as this.May the Hand of God continue to guide you as you continue to move forward in His will for your life. I love you, Sister in Christ!

M.F. - Atlanta, GA



I was told about this prayer line from a conference speaker on April 21, 2013 and I haven't missed a beat since. God has spoken to me profoundly through the prayers and prophetic utterances from Ms. Taylor. OMG!!! It has been a complete evolutionary change in my walk with GOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your complete obedience to our Lord & Savior for having this prayer line for us to agree with God's word in prayer. This is the Lord's doing and it is Marvelous in my eyes! Thank you!

Friend - Smyrna, GA



I have been on the prayer line since day one. I would like to say that since I have been on the prayer line with Ms. Taylor, she has really allowed God to use her to bless my soul. My life as completely changed since I have made up my mind to be obedient to the things of God. Ms. Taylor's prayers has been in line with everything my Pastor has been teaching and preaching on. I am honored and blessed to be apart of such and awesome and wonderful move of God. I thank God for Janay Douglas introducing me to Ms. Taylor, for my life has never been the same! I love ya Ms. Taylor with the love of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

Friend - Lithia Springs, GA



Thanking God for using one of my sisters in the Lord who shared this prayer line. It was given on the Thursday and I will never forget that Friday morning when I called in. In preparing myself for the day the Lord used the Woman of God to confirm his word that someone debt will be removed. I screamed and received it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen and said it is settled. Later that day I had a 3-way conversation with a debt collection from a credit card that I’ve been receiving letters from the attorneys. That day praise be to God the Bank told me that the credit card has a 0 balance as of April. Praise the Lord, I and the other person on-line had to ask again what did you say. They repeated it 0 balance. The bottom line is God has done it from a balance of $6000.00 plus to 0 balance. I give glory to God because his word said that I am a lender and not a borrower. I love God so much.

Laurie - Lilburn, GA



Good Morning and Happy Mothers Day. The event on yesterday was Awesome. Words can not express the awesome move of God in that place. I thank God so much for us meeting and for allowing me to see his work in you on yesterday and others to encourage me to keep my focus and continue to trust and be led by him truly a divine purpose. Love you from your new sister in Christ Deborah.

Deborah C. - Powder Springs, GA​



Ms. Iantha, Ms. Iantha, Ms. Iantha Haven’s Ms. Iantha Taylor, I appreciate you for the authentic, genuine person that you are; there aren’t many, one can call on at any given time that will lend an ear to listen, and hear the cry of others heart from the depth of their souls and show concern. You took the time to encourage my son and myself when I felt there were no other comforting words that would help. You heard a mothers cry for her child within my spirit and through the love of God, you intervened during in what SEEM to be a discouraging moment, (I say seem because anything that is presented from the enemy isn’t real although it appears to be it’s just a scene or an act that’s a part of HIS play) you did something spiritually, naturally, mentally, emotionally, and financially if it’s ok to say. It’s’ things like this, too ME, no matter how large or small that means the most, It states and allows me to know who you are as a person not only spiritually but naturally, at the same time I see your unseen character (I can’t speak for anyone else, only of the impact that you’ve made on my life). I was taught that LOVE is an action, not to accept spoken words, because people talk big but it’s not the big talk they speak, it’s the little action that cause the effect. I haven’t heard a lot of big talk, but I’ve witness your actions. I pray that you, your household and your family are basted in God’s omnipotent, uncommon and supernatural grace and glory, and unprecedented merits all the days of your lives from this day forth in Jesus name. Thank you from the depth of our hearts.

Angela/ LaRoi - Orlando, FL



Testimony of every cloud has been removed from our life! As we were thanking God this morning for what he did on the prayer line I was at a traffic light and was just looking up and the clouds was moving away. I began to thank God for removing every cloud from our life and soon after, Woman of God you confirmed it. You said every cloud is being removed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I thank God for my sister who shared this number with me and I will continue to share with others. More testimonies are coming in the name of Jesus Christ. Remain Blessed Woman of God. God will continue to strengthen you on every side, from your rising up to your going out and coming in he has favored you. As Esther he has chosen you for such a time as this, you will continue to shine and go forward in the name of Jesus Christ. Love you.

Laurie B.



I thought leaving Atlanta would be my escape from hurt and pain, but God said it wasn’t even and option. God sent me a teacher, encourager, intercessor, and a living, breathing HAVEN (Ms. Iantha).Ms. Taylor prayed with me and for me. She taught me that it is necessary to seek God, hear His voice, and be obedient to His will. I thank God for her. When I felt as if no one cared she would call and check on me. Thank you for showing me that it is necessary to trust God 110%. Faith can move mountains! Your Sister in Christ.

Victorian - Decatur, GA

Hi Ms. Iantha! You probably don't remember me. My husband, son and I just moved out to California. I just wanted to thank you for your obedience of answering the call God has placed on your life. I was on the prayer call you had last Monday. I was so filled with anxiety, depression and loneliness that I almost didn't pick up the phone, but I knew their was something I needed to hear. It truly blessed me! I was so full after that call...I felt like I'd been to the emergency room and God had provided the prescription I needed to break the chains of the enemy! I'm so glad you're offering calls to those on the West Coast! Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and encourage you to keep going. God bless you!


Christina - California

Years ago, God had told me to PRAY (Not just to talk to him but to listen to him) at scheduled times, 5 days a week. W/O an alarm clock, he automatically awakens me, no matter what time I go to bed, what city I'm in, if it's a holiday, I'm stressing the point of GOD awaking me, because when you "can't sleep" that's the Father wanting conversation. Anyway; I was not always consistently obedient, and I know that is why I am now connected to HAVEN. I'm so thankful to see a vessel who knows how to OBEY GOD, regardless of anything... consistent prayer living. What a blessing A vessel that's not in a hurry to Rush in and out of the Presence of the Almighty. I was on the 9:30 pm prayer call last night (June 17th), Although two hours had passed, the anointing was still speaking. I'm thankful that Iantha was obedient to continue the call even into the Midnight hour. I remained up another 30 minutes after the call, listening to the voice of GOD, and had such a peaceful sleep and awakened at 05:45 rested, refreshed and ready to give GOD thanks & praise. Again! GOD has restored me to HIS VOICE and his call to prayer times with him as he had directed me some time ago. OVERNIGHT!!! OMG!!! He has spoken again, I'm so thankful that GOD has spoken to me again and is opening doors that I felt were closed. My Spirit is over joyed with the presence of GOD, and I SHALL NOT be moved! HAVEN INDEED;... is indeed a part of the will of GOD for my life, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOU COMPLETE OBEDIENCE !!! Thank You!


Page - Powder Springs, GA

How blessed I've been through your ministry that words cannot describe it. I believe in the power of prayer and coming into agreement with the word of God that you've spoken into my life. Ms. Taylor thank you so much! Peace and Blessings!


Karen S. - Riverdale, GA

Thank you for the 5:30am Prayer Call.  Ever since you gave that word my life has never been the same. Finances are coming through and I feel empowered. Continue to let God use you , I feel strengthened. Thank You.


Sharon - Florida

This prayer line has been a blessing for me. Thanking God for your life and what God has called you to do for such a time as this. The prayer this morning was confirmation that God has given us joy. I want to share what God gave me on Monday night during our time of Prayer and Solution. Isaiah 40: 1-8 vs. 2 the word of God said that (tell her that sad days are gone) O Jesus every sad day is gone in the name of Jesus Christ. Not only that (but tell her that sins are pardoned). vs. 4 Is there empty valley in our life? His word said he has filled them. Whatever that is crooked in our life, he said they would be made straight. What represents mountain and hill God said he has leveled them. Where has it been rough in our life? God word said he would make it smooth. Thanks we will continue to stand on the word of God because it is forever.Remain blessed.


Laurie - Lilburn, GA

Thank You, Ms. Taylor!

Thanking God for this morning prayers. Woman of God, the Lord drop it in your spirit to pray for a woman on the prayer line against heaviness in the mind and bitterness caused by things that happened in the past and of someone contacting that person. I just want to give glory to God for being so mindful of me. Two days ago I received several phone calls that had my mind going back to things of old that affected me but glory be to God it is well with my mind, it is well with my soul, it is well in Jesus Christ name. Continue to do the work that God has called you to do. Remain favored.


Sister - Georgia

Amen Amen Amen, Sunshine you are a God sent. As I type my testimony tears are beginning to flow. You spoke a prophetic word over my husband in February 2013 and because the Lord spoke through you on August 1, 2013 it came to pass. He (we) received promotion and increase just as you declared it. Also, my family and I attended Tea Time with Taylor and were truly blessed with your prayers/ministry. Every word you spoke about my daughters and I were TRUE....I had been wanting to come to you for prayer, but assumed your schedule was too busy, God made it where YOU came to me and the Lord had his way through YOU. Thank God & may He bless you, your family/team and Haven Ministry. Amen Amen Amen... Thank you!


Eunice - Powder Springs, GA

Bless the name of the Lord!! I give him Praise and Glory. I had one on one prayer with Prophetess Taylor on last Friday. I requested prayer for back pain and hypothyroidism. I am now free of back pain for the first time in many years. This week, I was able to stand through praise, worship and ministry without pain. When I sat down, it was because I was tired, and not because I was in pain. Thank God for HAVEN ministries, Prophetess Taylor and her team, may God richly bless you.


Lillie - GA

I am thankful for HAVEN ministries because with Ms. Iantha’s obedience, she prayed for my daughter and the suicide chains were broken. I’m so grateful for this team and how they allow God to use them. To God be the glory!



This was truly freedom of the Spirit of the Lord for the power of the Holy Spirit to do what He does! I loved it.


Paula -Jonesboro

Tea Time with Taylor was an amazing time to fellowship with other believers. Miracles, signs, and wonders were witnessed. My niece was healed. I am glad I changed my schedule to be here. It was worth it.


Denise-Lithia Springs

The power of God is truly upon the HAVEN ministry. Profound prophetic anointing is in this ministry. They are the oracle of God Almighty.


Queen-Villa Rica

God showed up supernaturally. I will never be the same. God Be the Glory!



2nd time Ms. Taylor has told me to prepare for my husband. I feel God is  making me pure. Thank You God!


Lydia-Forest Park

Tea Time with Taylor has been the best day of my life. I have been waiting for this day all my life. I truly believe in the Power of God.



I thank and praise God for being here at Tea Time with Taylor. I came in expectation and received what I came for.  I experienced the power of God taking place. Amen!



I received confirmation on some issues I’ve been running from that I need to stop running and give my whole heart over to God.



Tea Time with Taylor was amazing. It taught me in order to forgive you have to forget. “Let go and Let God.” Giving my life to the Lord was the BEST choice I have made by far. 


Charisma-Lithia Springs

I came so bound up and was released and set free in my spirit.



I was listening to the prayer line (HAVEN Team) and sister/Prophet Taylor said that there is a nurse on the line that wants her own business and God is going to give it to her with a building and 3 workers. That was me. It is happening. God Bless You!



“For the past three years, off and on, my left knee was having unbearable pain, causing me to limp 

around.  Before prayer, I considered going to the doctor.  My friend, who is a physical therapist, advised 

that I come see him before spending money on a doctor. The day I decided to go see him, he wasn’t 

home. I stopped by the HAVEN Home and members of the team gathered around me and began to pray. 

The next day there was still pain, and I didn’t think the prayer worked. Three days later the pain stopped 

and never returned. It has been about 2 to 3 months now and I haven’t had a pain since. Thank you 

HAVEN Team.” 


Alexander – McDonough, GA

This prayer call is different than any other I have been on. This is so great! Its sooo nice to hear from the people. GOD is magnificent, awesome, glorious, .... I'm lost for words to describe HIM. I'm so grateful to be part of the HAVEN family.  Thank you all for being who you are in GOD to make the HAVEN Team what it is... simply amazing though Christ!

Kim- Decatur

I attended Tea Time with Taylor. Several different people approached us and spoke into our lives. Prophetess spoke into our lives about our ministry and what God is doing and taking us to in our lives. There was a feet washing ceremony for me that was performed by my wife. It was interesting and we really enjoyed ourselves. They were very transparent. We could see how God moves not only in our lives, but in other people lives as well. It was a real pleasant experience.
Cyprus-Powder Springs

I want to praise God for everything that happened at Tea Time with Taylor. I got there my car got stuck. I went in, and I was very frustrated about the events of that day. What happened of that day was just a tenth of what has been happening for months and years in my marriage, in my job, in our businesses. To have ministry pinpoint, go in with precision, and God be able to use someone as Prophetess Taylor it absolutely blew me away. A lot of the times when we receive a word we want to run jump and shout, but what we have to careful about is that immediately the enemy is going to come to try to kill, steal, and destroy you and the word that was sown into your life. Shortly after I received the word that I’d have no more frustrations, relationships would be repaired, and great things that God has shown us would come to pass, the enemy tried to steal the word. I had to be careful because a lot of things happened where if they would have happened even a week ago I would have used the word frustration, but I was quickly reminded that that had been stripped away from me. I had to realize God is sovereign. He can operate in any shape, form, or fashion that he truly feels necessary. Just to see a person come in and have the type of attitude such as, “I will sit back and see what happens”, then you are called to the carpet and God said look I know what you are going through. I’ve been through times where I’ve prayed, and I’d go to the altar, pick it up, and say I got it. Then I’m wondering why God isn’t operating or moving in my life. Then I’ll come back and see that God does it in his timing. Then I’ll go through another season where I’m like ok God do you even hear me? Then the enemy tells me, “He doesn’t hear you go ahead and drive off that cliff or run into that bridge.” Prophetess Taylor was able to pinpoint all of that and know everything about me by the Spirit of God. I just want to praise God for receiving the deliverance. God will call you, He will read you, and break you down like a shotgun. He will clean you, put you back together, and you will go into the enemy’s camp and snatch souls out one by one. I am remembering to pray with power, pray with purpose, pray with passion, let God be sovereign, and don’t try to figure Him out.
Dennis-Powder Springs

HAVEN Ministries truly has been a blessing to me. I love prayer. Since I have been calling in to the prayer call, it has truly increased my prayer life. It has been such a blessing to me. It is something I have never experienced before ever in my life. I attended a conference, and it was such a blessing because I was going through so much. When I got there the people were so friendly. Prophetess Taylor and the ministry team were such a blessing. They reached out and loved on me. You could just feel free and be yourself and just experience the praise and worship, and feel the presence of God. It was so awesome just to be in the atmosphere. While I was there God really moved in my life in a mighty special, and I mean He just began to minister to me, and I felt such freedom. I just want to let anyone know to be able to be in the presence of God and just to be able to feel that is such a blessing. I will continue to let everyone know that this ministry has been such a blessing. It’s blessing the body of Christ. I’ve introduced other people to the prayer call, and they have passed it on. I thank God for everything that HAVEN ministry is doing. I thank God for Prophetess Taylor and the HAVEN ministry staff. You all have been such a blessing to me. This has been life changing. I will continue to support you all in anyway that I can. I thank God for His vision. I can’t wait until you all do the conference again.  I will be there. It has been truly life changing. My prayer life has gone from zero straight up. I had gotten so dry in my prayer life, and I just thank God for my friend for introducing me to the HAVEN ministry team. Thank you again Prophetess Taylor and your HAVEN ministry staff. I love you all.

I want to thank the Lord first, and then I want to thank Prophetess Taylor and the HAVEN Team for this opportunity. A lot has happened over the last few days, and I just want to share my testimony. I’m very excited for what God has done and is doing. I along with my daughter attended Tea Time with Taylor. We got there as the ministering and Word had started. A lot was going. God was there! Sister Angela had spoken, and then Prophetess Taylor had called my daughter up for prayer and started to rebuke the spirit of death. I won’t go into everything that was going on with my baby, but I knew that was the Spirit of the Lord was in the place. He was delivering my daughter and sparing her life. I’m just so grateful for that. As I was kneeling down there with my daughter and everyone else, I began to get delivered. The Lord began to deliver me from some things that were going on in my life. I can’t remember everything, but I had never experienced anything like that. It’s funny how you can be under the power of the Holy Ghost and all these other things are coming to mind and your mind is wrestling.  It has really touched my life in certain ways.
Monica-Powder Springs

I was just welcomed my new granddaughter into the world.  You prayed for the Lord to open my daughter-in-law’s womb after she lost her baby a year and a half ago. What a blessing! I thank God for you and the ministry placed in you!

My sister invited me to attend Tea Time with Taylor. I was having pain and discomfort with my right leg. I sometimes drag it. The HAVEN Team Member anointed my leg and prayed for it. Before leaving Tea Time I was able to raise and kick my leg. I left there declaring that there was nothing wrong with my leg. To God be the glory!
Gwen – Powder Springs, GA

I talked to doctors, who spoke to other doctors, and they don’t understand. My son will be coming home straight from ICU. I want to thank the HAVEN Team for the prayers. They still don’t understand what is going on with his blood work, but I know God is working things out. Thank each of you again for praying for my family.
Marilyn - Camp Creek

To God be the glory for Prophetess Taylor, the ladies of the Haven Team, and Pastor Jonathan. December 14th was a day of Spiritual warfare and thank you all for going into battle on my behalf. I attended the prayer event with great expectation of deliverance and received so much more. Not only was I delivered from the demonic spirit that invaded my body and mind but healed from my dis-ease. If I had a thousand tongues it still wouldn't be enough to tell you all how grateful I am for the love. Prophetess Taylor you are truly anointed and a mighty warrior in God's Kingdom. I am a new woman in Christ. Haven Indeed is a ministry that not only talks the talk but walks the walk! I now know what it feels like to be connected to a ministry that loves like Jesus. Thank you again Prophetess Taylor and the ladies of the Haven Team for always loving me like no other. I believe. I trust. I finally let go. P.S. He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. -Psalm 91:1-2


Karen - Riverdale, GA

I have worked in many ministries, and I have only felt peace at the HAVEN Experiences. The peace I am feeling in this moment is amazing. For me, there is more joy in feeling this peace than there is in getting paid. I thank the Lord for the HAVEN Team.


Keith - Decatur, GA

I know that Prophetess Taylor is a woman of God. She spoke against the spirit of death around me. As soon as she spoke it, I knew that God was speaking to her. The weight of ministry had become unbearable. I had asked God to take my life on my birthday which is in March. The only people that knew that was my neice and nephew because I had just told them earlier in the day. I had written out a will and was planning to have it excuted. I thank God for Prophetess Taylor because I feel so much better, and I know that I have to complete my assignment.


Jackie - Atlanta, GA

Sat night I had a fever of 103 degrees I sent Prophetess a text. I had to go the emergency room. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory disease. I woke up this morning, and I couldn't breathe. After about 35 minutes I received a call from Prophetess. As she prayed for me everything left me, the wheezing, pain, and suffering left. All of the other symptoms are gone. I give God thanks praise for her and the HAVEN team. They will pick up the phone and call you when you have a need.


Lillie - Riverdale, GA

HAVEN...My, My, My! This has definitely changed my life!! Iantha, you are truly a blessing. I have to admit, before experiencing this powerful movement I was a little skeptical. My spiritual, Sister Valerie Davis, kept on me about going. Finally I agreed to and my God, my God I was moved!! My spirit was shaken and turned around. Just when I was at a place in my life that was dark, you and your team spoke a mighty word to me. Things that only God and I know about you spoke about, including the calling on my life that I would preach His word by going to the hood and touching the strippers and prostitutes. For me, that word was so powerful. I have been running from that calling and not being obedient but after the "HAVEN Virginia Experience" I'm ready to serve God the way I'm called to do so! Thank you Iantha for saving my life!


Apyrl Virginia Beach, VA

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